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If you are like most people you are searching a guaranteed way to become successful and wealthy. You are looking for a 100% guaranteed profit. You are looking for  something that  exceeds the “gold standard”. A fool proof safe investment guaranteed to provide a consistent return on your investment.

I tried  many different things in my life in my efforts to achieve success. I graduated from college and immediately went to law school. I graduated Law school thinking that I would immediately become wealthy as an attorney. I worked real hard and found that I was working hard but was not amassing wealth that I desired.

I tried a new direction when I was convinced that I could get rich quick day trading in the stock market. I would get ready every morning (6:00 am on the West Coast) and make my day trading moves. I made thousands of dollars  in profits day trading until….. The Stock market crashed where I lost most my investment.

Along with my license to practice law, I obtained my real estate license and opened up a real estate firm. I became a real estate agent and later obtained my license as a real estate broker. The real estate business was booming.  I brokered loans and bought and sold real estate. As a broker, I had 8 agents working for me. I would go on vacation and while sitting on the beach in Mexico I would make money as my agents were closed deals. Cash flow was not a problem. Then the real estate market crashed in 2007, my agents left along with all of the cash flow.

As a bankruptcy attorney in my own law firm, I am now busy advising individuals and small businesses on the elimination and reorganizing of their debt. After their debt is eliminated, I serve as their business coach  helping them to become profitable. When I became a  Profit Coach I discovered the 100% guaranteed investment for true profit.

Investment decisions would all be easy with the benefit of a crystal ball. Imagine if you invested in silver ten years ago. In 2000, the price of silver averaged  $4.96 per troy ounce and gold was $279.06 per ounce. As of December 14, 2012, the price of Silver is $32.00 per troy ounce and the price of Gold is $1,667.00 per troy ounce. Its not like I wasn’t told to invest in silver and gold in 2000. I had heard that investing in these precious metals was a good hedge inflation.  I didn’t act on any of this advise. I decided to allow the “other guy” to buy the silver and gold.

As a bankruptcy attorney, I would always ask my client what they thought had brought them to insolvency. I would ask them about their business practices and was curious as to where they made their errors. I began to see a trend in each case.

It began clear that  they  had stopped investing in themselves financially as well as personally. Once they became involved in their businesses, they spent their time consumed in their businesses but forgot about their personal well being. They paid the bills of the business before paying themselves. They sacrificed time at the gym to spend time at their business. Their spiritual and emotional  growth was stunted when they put their hearts and souls into their businesses  instead of  seeking the nourishment of their family or religious beliefs.  They stopped investing in their own Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual and Emotional development and their business suffered from the lack of nourishment.

The investment that you make in yourself is the best leverage to ready your mind to move for your business success . Working harder on yourself than you do than in your occupation will directly influence your business. You cannot fail when the investment is  within you.

Take the investment that is you. Work harder on yourself  than you do at your business. Dedicate time for the development of your Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual and Emotional well being.



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